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Creating Environments for Optimal Human Development and Wellbeing

Spring 2021 Design Conference from MooreCo
Originally Held March 22–25, 2021

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The Thrive philosophy came to be in 2019, before the pandemic stopped the world in its tracks. In 2021, we work to heal, stay safe, and come together with the opportunity to thrive even better than before. In this webinar, we’ll learn from experts in the fields of education, psychology, health, and design to better understand how we can create spaces than enable creativity and facilitate wellness and a sense of belonging. Join us as we launch our newest product line and discuss the future of classrooms, workspaces, and healthcare settings, and how we can improve on old models by considering the holistic needs of human beings.

Conference session videos available for download:

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Day 1: Session 1

Pre-Webinar Kickoff Happy Hour & New Product Introduction

Greg Moore, CEO, MooreCo
Polly Moore, VP of Marketing, MooreCo
Ryan Haase, Director of Product Development, MooreCo

In 2021, it is more important than ever to consider the needs of every student and worker to get back on track after a year of isolation and anxiety. Join the MooreCo team as we discuss the thought behind the Thrive philosophy and how to design spaces with optimal wellbeing at the core. We’ll then introduce our newest products, including a collection that was designed with Thrive and the six developmental principles in mind.




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Day 2: Session 2

Physical Development: The Power of Posture and Movement for Creative Thinking and Positive Mood

Dr. Amy Rohsner, PT, Healthworks Ergonomics
Dr. Jennifer Harris, OT, Healthworks Ergonomics

Physical well-being is a key to learning and creating. Join Dr. Amy Rohsner, PT and Dr. Jennifer Harris, OT of Healthworks Ergonomics for a discussion on physical development and optimal posture for schools and the workplace.




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Day 2: Session 3

Intellectual Development: Teens and Teamwork – Power of Peers on Brain Development

Dr. Jessica Church-Lang, Head, Texas Learning Disabilities Research Center, University of Texas

What does collaboration have to do with intellectual development? Dr. Jessica Church-Lang of the University of Texas is the head of the Austin neuroimaging site of the Texas Learning Disabilities Research Center project on reading intervention and brain change. She’ll discuss brain development from adolescence and beyond, mentioning growth milestones and considerations for learners of all abilities.




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Day 2: Session 4

Using Six Human Development Principles to Inform Design Choices

Robin Randall, Director of PreK–12 Education, Legat Architects
Sylvia Kowalk, Director of Interior Design, Legat Architects

How can the six development principles inform design to facilitate health, achievement, and a sense of belonging? Join Legat Architects’ Director of Interior Design, Sylvia Kowalk, and Director of Pre-K-12 Education, Robin Randall, as they share their ideas for creating environments with mind and body wellness at the core.




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Day 3: Session 5

Psychological Development: Self Confidence, Identity, and How the Senses Perceive Environment

Dr. Chris Fagundes, Associate Professor of Psychology, Rice University

What are the keys to optimal psychological development that can help students succeed in adolescence and throughout life? Associate Professor of Psychology at Rice University, Dr. Chris Fagundes, will present on factors that influence psychological wellbeing in schools and the workplace.





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Day 3: Session 6

Moral Development: Behavioral Ethics and Empathy in Schools and Corporate Culture

Cara Biasucci, MFA, Director of Ethics Education, University of Texas

How can we help students learn compassion and empathy to pave the path to success in the workforce? How can corporate culture be better served by educational ethics? Cara Biasucci is the Director of Ethics Education at the Center for Leadership and Ethics at the University of Texas. She’ll discuss the importance of ethics education in schools and the workplace, and how learning compassion can create unity and acceptance in organizations.





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Day 3: Session 7

Revealing an E-Sports Centers Designed to With the Thrive Principles in Mind

Alexa Feldman, RID, IIDA, Interior Design Coordinator, LPA Design Studios

How can E-sports environments help students channel creativity and work together toward a common goal? Join designer Alexa as she explains how to create cutting edge and interactive learning space for students to work and play.





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Day 4: Session 8

Social Emotional Development: Emotional Intelligence and Student Leadership

Dr. Maurice Elias, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology & Director of Rutgers Social-Emotional & Character Development Lab, Rutgers University

How can we nurture students’ social-emotional growth to create pathways to leadership at school and in life? Dr. Maurice Elias of Rutgers University is a professor of Psychology and the director of the Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab. He’ll give a presentation on emotional education how it can translate into self-confidence and leadership.





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Day 4: Session 9

Technology in Learning: From Air Quality to Culture Integration

Lars Van Sweevelt, Director of Product Development & Marketing, i3-Technologies

What products can help to bridge the gap between the era of virtual learning and remote working to a “new normal” where safety and health are a priority? Join leaders of i3-Technologies for a discussion on technology in education and the workplace in a post-pandemic world.





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Day 4: Session 10

Spiritual Development: Design for Mindfulness and Spaces that Encourage Harmony

Will LeStrange, Feng Shui Consultant, Louisville KY
Molly Cox, Design Team Manager, MooreCo Inc

What does space have to do with spiritual harmony? Feng Shui expert Will LeStrange will discuss environmental factors that can influence mood and wellbeing for students and workers in every space, while Molly will show some spaces with Feng Shui in action.



About our speakers:



Greg Moore
MooreCo, Inc. and family of brands

As the CEO of MooreCo and family of brands, Greg Moore has spent the past three decades committed to improving the way students learn and people work. Greg has served as Chairman of the Board for EdSpaces as well as the board of BIFMA. MooreCo's success story has lasted decades, in large part due to Greg's passion for design and furniture manufacturing solutions.


Polly Moore
VP of Marketing
MooreCo, Inc. and family of brands

During her tenure at MooreCo, Polly Moore has influenced the design process, following industry trends and using her experience and love of fashion to improve each brand. Her goal is to create products with purpose that resonate with customers across all markets. Her driving philosophy puts human intellectual and emotional development at the core of every design.


Ryan Haase
Director of Product Development
MooreCo, Inc. and family of brands

As Director of Product Development for MooreCo, Ryan Haase has used his skills as an innovation leader and design engineer to create environments that feature balanced aesthetics and a focus on functionality and sustainability. Originally from Michigan, Ryan holds a BS in Product Design Engineering Technology from Ferris State University, and an MBA from Michigan State.


Dr. Maurice Elias
Professor of Psychology
Rutgers University

The unifying themes in Dr. Maurice Elias's work are the development of positive, constructive life paths for children and youth and the organization of opportunities to allow this to happen in equitable ways. This has brought him into areas such as social-emotional learning, and its more recent variation, social-emotional and character development (SECD).


Dr. Jessica Church-Lang
Head of Texas Learning Disabilities Research Center, University of Texas

Dr. Church-Lang grew up in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, got her B.A. at Smith College in MA, and received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Washington University in St. Louis in 2008. She has a strong interest in how cognitive processes develop over age, and in how research on atypical development illuminates the vulnerable aspects of cognitive development pathways.


Sylvia Kowalk
Director of Interior Design
Legat Architects

Since joining Legat Architects in 2011, Sylvia Kowalk has directed the firm's interior design program. Her portfolio ranges from PreK–12 and tiger education facilities to performing art centers, community health centers, and corporate environments. Sylvia regularly speaks about interior design trends and challenges at regional and national conferences.


Robin Randall
Director of PreK–12 Education
Legat Architects

Robin Randall leads clients in a customized design process that transforms their mission and purpose into meaningful, budget-conscious, forward-thinking learning environments. She builds exceptional collaborative teams around projects including master plans, facilities assessments, renovations, and new educational facilities.


Dr. Chris Fagundes
Professor of Psychology
Rice University

Working in the area of psychoneuroimmunology, Dr. Fagundes uses theories and methods from clinical, social, and developmental health psychology to examine how stress “gets under the skin” to impact diseases of older adulthood such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and cognitive decline. He has authored more than one hundred articles and book chapters.


Cara Biasucci, MFA
Director of Ethics Education
University of Texas

Cara Biasucci develops and produces Ethics Unwrapped for the McCombs School of Business. Cara is on the Governing Board of the National Ethics Project and part of the Center for Leadership and Ethics at McCombs. Currently, she is writing about teaching behavioral ethics for the forthcoming book series: Teaching Ethics Across the American Educational Experience


Alexa Feldman, RID, IIDA
Interior Design Coordinator
LPA Design Studios

With nearly 10 years of experience as an interior designer, Alexa’s experience spans multiple practice areas. Her current focus on educational environments is driven by her desire to engage students through the design of inspirational learning environments. Her passion for learning spaces comes naturally, which shows in the impressive quality of her design solutions.

amy rohsner

Dr. Amy Rohsner
Healthworks Ergonomics

Dr. Rohsner co-owns Healthworks Ergonomics. She believes a professionally developed ergonomics program promotes employee well-being, maximizes efficiency and saves money by preventing injuries and keeping people well and at work. She can also help your company stay compliant with OSHA, ADA and worker’s compensation.

lisa harris

Dr. Lisa Harris
Healthworks Ergonomics

Dr. Harris co-owns Healthworks Ergonomics. She believes a professionally developed ergonomics program promotes employee well-being, maximizes efficiency and saves money by preventing injuries and keeping people well and at work. She can also help your company stay compliant with OSHA, ADA and worker’s compensation.

lars i3-150

Lars Van Sweevelt
Director of Product Development & Marketing

Lars Van Sweevelt is the Director of Product Management at i3-Technologies, a leading Education Collaboration Technology. Bringing over 20 years of experience in guiding product technology development, Lars is responsible for taking the i3 solutions portfolio to the next level by redefining the way our customers communicate, teach, meet and collaborate.


Will LeStrange
Feng Shui Consultant
Louisville, KY

Will LeStrange is from the U.K. He has a background in construction, education, holistic health care, design, music, and permaculture (organic agriculture). Since 1995 he has run an international design consultancy and is director of Design for Life UK and Arrange Your Space For Success. He is currently based in Kentucky and works with clients all over the world.

Molly Cox 150-2

Molly Cox
Design Team Manager
MooreCo, Inc.

Molly Cox is the Design Team Manager at MooreCo and has been with the company for over ten years. A graduate of the University of North Texas, Molly has excelled at planning, organizing, and implementing design strategies for schools through our Render to Reality™ program, changing the lives of students and teachers who receive thoughtfully revitalized spaces.