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BROCHURE: COVID-19 Solutions

Download this brochure to explore solutions that can help your school or business reopen and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download our COVID-19 Solutions Brochure

COVID-19, MooreCo, and You

MooreCo has been a leader in conscious design for over 35 years, helping people grow, thrive, learn, and work at their best. When COVID-19 shut down schools, we made it our mission to help find solutions to safe operations during a pandemic. We spoke with experts in the fields of health research, medicine, architecture, and design to see what schools, healthcare settings, and businesses would need to keep going. Here, we’ll discuss our findings and the solutions that can help your school or business reopen and stay safe.


Download our new COVID-19 Solutions Brochure to get the products to keep your spaces safer.

Products Designed to Help:

Trifold Acrylic Desktop Screen

Desktop screens to reduce the spread of germs

Essentials Mobile Clear Divider

Mobile dividers for use in virtually any space

Compass Mini H2 as Sanitation Station

Set up a sanitation station wherever you need it

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