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GUIDE:8 Ways to Get the Most out of Your ESSER Funds

MooreCo's ESSER funds guide covers eight key topics that meet ESSER funding requirements and will help schools recover from COVID-19 and prepare for the future.

Download MooreCo's ESSER Funds Guide

How to Leverage Your Emergency Relief Funds to Keep Your Students Thriving

MooreCo has been a leader in classroom design for 35 years. Over the course of the pandemic, MooreCo has presented and produced a variety of school solutions for remote, hybrid, and distance learning to keep students and teachers learning. 

Now that it is time to help students integrate back into a formal in-person setting, MooreCo continues to offer solutions needed to keep students safe and aid in their accelerated learning, as well as contribute to mental well-being.

In addition to QuickShip options, complimentary consultations, and our Render to Reality™ services, MooreCo offers top-of- the-line furniture for educational environments where students can get back on track and thrive. This guide covers eight key topics that meet ESSER funding requirements and will help schools recover.

Download our 8 Ways to Get the Most out of Your ESSER Funds guide and explore topics such as:

  • Social-Emotional Learning Tools, Furnishings & Products

  • Solutions to Address Learning Loss

  • Creating Inclusive Spaces for All Students

  • Environments That Foster Active Learning

  • Safety Solutions for COVID-19 & Future Outbreaks

  • Educational Technology for Remote Learning

  • Engaging Extracurricular Environments

  • Indoor Air Quality for Health & Well-Being

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