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CATALOG: Compass by MooreCo

Explore our new and comprehensive line of makerspace tables and storage options and navigate a new approach to learning.

Download our new Compass Collection Catalog

The Compass line is as functional as it is versatile, balancing the need to have supplies and tools handy with ample workspaces designed for thought, play, and organization. Each piece was created with learners of all ages and rooms of all sizes in mind. The result is a collection that facilitates hands-on learning and improved mobility for educators, leading to a dynamic and engaging classroom environment. Whether it’s the design of a makerspace, transforming a lab, or renovating a computer room, adding Compass to your educational spaces will give you and your students more freedom to explore.

Download our 2020 Compass by MooreCo catalog to explore furniture and design options for your educational spaces.


Compass Maxi H3 Cabinet

Flexible cabinets with the capacity and storage options you need

Compass Makerspace Table

Makerspace tables with colors and features that make the most of your space

Compass Cabinet with Ogee Top

Accessories and add-ons that turn your pieces into learning centers

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