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Elate Brochure

The Elate family is comfortable, adjustable, and intentional, designed to equip Generation Z to enter the workforce with the tools they need to thrive.

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2022-10 Elate Brochure LP - Download Direct Art_v1

Elate by MooreCo: A dynamic and practical line of furniture that elevates professional workspaces. 

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The Elate line of furniture is designed to take professional environments and higher education to the next level. Gen Z-ers are positioned to thrive when they have the comfort, adjustability, and intentional design of Elate desks, seating, and accessories. 

Elate Perch Stool designer Joey Ruiter said, “The art of design happens when you change the way things are perceived. It challenges convention, and creates new stories, interactions and the rarity we want.” Outfitting spaces with Elate furniture elevates a user's experience, and can make them feel important with a designated space. All products were designed with the goal of uniqueness, functionality, and encouraging innovation.

Just as our Thrive philosophy means we design products to grow with the user, our Elate line can help Gen Z make the transition from college to the workplace with ease. The main priority of the Elate line is to equip those in the workforce with the tools they need to thrive.


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